AI Tutor Project Lead



Software Engineering, Data Science
Palo Alto, CA, USA · San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
Posted on Monday, June 10, 2024

We're looking for a motivated and driven AI Project Lead to join our team and make a real impact on the development and evolution of our AI model. In this position, you will work with cross-functional teams to ensure high data integrity, driving data tracks, and reliability of the data powering Grok. Your expertise in data curation, annotation workflows, and AI/ML concepts will be instrumental in enhancing our model's capabilities across diverse domains such as science, technology, mathematics, humanities, and more.

Key Responsibilities:

Technical and Strategic Expertise:

  • Help develop and support Grok's architecture and personality, ensuring alignment with the vision and strategic goals. This includes improving understanding and generation in specific domains like humor and recent events.
  • Research, implement, and evaluate techniques and strategies to enhance model capabilities, from data collection, annotation, generation, and integration of multi-modal features.
  • Guide Grok's improvement by working across areas like programming, science, technology, social sciences, recent events, and multimodal, making sure our models can handle a wide range of topics and tasks.
  • Ideate, design, manage, and execute plans for developing and modifying model behavior through data management, optimization, and analysis.

Project and Data Management:

  • Focus on maintaining high data integrity and truthfulness in our datasets. This includes validation processes to ensure data factuality and reliability.
  • Conduct thorough evaluations of our models and datasets to identify those that best align with project requirements, emphasizing quality over quantity. Ensure resources and timelines are managed effectively, quickly tackling any challenges or inefficiencies to improve model behavior and uphold data integrity.
  • Support the ideation of annotation workflows and the design of annotation tools and applications that prioritize data integrity, from labeling interfaces to web applications.

Communication and Collaboration:

  • Act as a liaison between the technical staff, engineering teams, and tutoring team, to ensure collaboration and effective knowledge sharing. This role is key in facilitating clear and open communication across all teams and aligning efforts towards common project goals.
  • Report project status, model insights from annotation, insights gained, and blockers encountered. These updates provide transparency and facilitate informed decision-making, ensuring cross-functional teams are well-informed and aligned with the project's direction.

We are looking for candidates with the following traits, skills, background, expertise

  • Strong background in data curation or related fields, demonstrating hands-on experience with data quality, labeling processes, motivated about AI innovations, interested in high data-integrity.
  • Technical expertise, including familiarity with AI and machine learning concepts, tools, and practices, to directly contribute to the development and optimization of annotation tools and methodologies.
  • Excellent analytical skills, with the ability to analyze data sets, identify trends and anomalies, and provide insights that drive project improvements.
  • Proven ability to work independently, managing one's own tasks and responsibilities effectively while contributing to team goals.
  • Strong communication skills, capable of effectively articulating technical concepts and insights to both technical and non-technical team members.
  • Bachelors degree.


We offer the following employee benefits:

  • Competitive cash and equity-based compensation
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Unlimited paid time off subject to prior approval

Annual Salary Range: $140,000. to $196,000
Location: San Francisco, CA / Palo Alto, CA